September 23, 2023

Video Shows Pilot Covered In Blood After Bird Smashes Through Windscreen

A shocking video has been circulating on social media, capturing the moment a pilot was covered in blood after a bird crashed through the windscreen of the aircraft he was flying. The footage reveals the terrifying scene of a large bird, presumably with its lower body and talons, hanging inside the cockpit as the pilot battles strong winds. The incident occurred in Ecuador and has gained significant attention online.

Despite the alarming circumstances, what astonished viewers the most was the calm composure displayed by the pilot as he skillfully maneuvered the plane. Thanks to his expertise, the aircraft was able to land safely on the ground, as reported by Russia Today. The pilot has since been identified as Ariel Valiente.

News outlets and social media users shared the video, with one tweet stating, “Pilot safely lands his plane after a huge bird struck his windshield in the Los Rios Province, Ecuador. Ariel Valiente was not injured during the incident.” The tweet garnered numerous responses from shocked individuals on Twitter.

Among the reactions, one user recounted a personal story of an airline pilot losing an eye in a similar incident, highlighting the fortunate outcome in this case. Another user tweeted, “I’ve heard of roadkill, but never have I seen or heard of airkill.” Many praised the pilot, referring to him as a legend and commending his calmness during the crisis.

A flight instructor, commenting on the video, emphasized the importance of initial training for pilots, explaining that in stressful situations, they rely on their foundational knowledge and skills. This incident serves as a reminder of the crucial role that training plays in ensuring pilots can effectively handle unexpected events.

It remains unclear whether the blood seen in the video belongs to Captain Valiente or the bird. Additionally, there is no specific information regarding the bird species involved, although some speculations suggest it might have been an Andean Condor, known for its impressive nine-foot wingspan.

The video serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable challenges pilots can face during flights. Despite the terrifying circumstances, the pilot’s professionalism and expertise led to a safe landing. This incident highlights the resilience and skill required in the aviation industry, and serves as a testament to the importance of pilot training and preparedness for any eventuality.