September 28, 2023

Sweden Hosts First-Ever European Sex Championship, Recognizing Sex as a Sport

In a bold move, Sweden has officially declared sex as a sport, leading the way for the world to view intimacy in a new light. The announcement has sparked both curiosity and controversy, as the first-ever European Sex Championship is set to commence early next week under the guidance of the Swedish Sex Federation.

Scheduled for June 8th, this groundbreaking event will see participants engaging in sex sessions lasting up to six hours daily. Solo matches are expected to last a minimum of 40-45 minutes. Competitors will showcase their skills across various categories, including foreplay, oral sex, penetration, and knowledge of erogenous zones.

A panel of judges has been appointed to evaluate the participants, but there’s a twist in this unconventional sport. Factors such as effective communication between couples, endurance levels, chemistry, and sexual knowledge will be taken into consideration by both the judges and the audience.

The Sex Championship features a diverse range of disciplines, including seduction, body massage, erotic zone exploration, prelude, oral sex, penetration, endurance, appearance pose performance, creativity in position changes, and more. Participants will be assessed on their ability to maintain increased blood pressure and heart rate during competition, the most beautiful and difficult pose, artistic performance, and the number of orgasms achieved.

Scoring in each discipline will range from 5 to 10 points, determined by a combination of public voting and a panel of five judges. The championship is divided into three levels, with participants required to achieve a specific number of points in each level to progress further.

Dragan Bratych, the president of the Swedish Federation of Sex, believes that recognizing sex as a sport was an inevitable step, as it promotes both mental and physical well-being. Bratych emphasizes the importance of training for participants to achieve the desired results, ensuring they are prepared to showcase their skills in this unique sporting event.

While the declaration of sex as a sport and the upcoming Sex Championship have generated intrigue and debate, it remains to be seen how the event will be received by the global community and what impact it may have on perceptions of sexuality as a recreational activity.