September 28, 2023

Rediscovering Smiles: Japan Turns to Smile Tutors to Overcome the Mask-Wearing Effect

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped societies across the globe, with one noticeable change being the widespread adoption of face masks. In Japan, where mask-wearing has been a common practice even before the pandemic, people are now facing a unique challenge as they try to reacquaint themselves with the art of smiling.

After years of concealing their mouths behind masks, the official advice on mask-wearing in Japan has been lifted. However, many individuals are finding it difficult to readjust to a life without face coverings, to the extent that some have confessed to forgetting how to smile. This phenomenon has led to a growing demand for smile tutors who can help people relearn the simple yet powerful act of smiling.

Keiko Kawano, a smile coach working with the smile education company Egaoiku, has witnessed the impact of prolonged mask-wearing on people’s ability to express themselves with a smile. She explains that the decrease in smiling opportunities during the mask-wearing period has caused individuals to become more self-conscious about their smiles and struggle to display genuine happiness when interacting with others.

The role of smile tutors is to guide individuals in rediscovering their smiles, helping them regain confidence in expressing their emotions and connecting with others on a deeper level. These tutors provide coaching sessions that focus on techniques to enhance facial expressions, exercises to relax facial muscles, and tips on cultivating a positive mindset.

The smile tutors also emphasize the importance of non-verbal communication, as the lower half of the face, including the mouth and expressions, had been largely concealed behind masks. Relearning the nuances of smiling, such as the genuine crinkling of the eyes and the warm glow it brings to the entire face, has become a priority for many individuals seeking to rebuild their social connections.

While the need for smile tutors may seem unconventional to some, the impact of the pandemic on social interactions cannot be underestimated. Masks, although necessary for public health, have inadvertently hindered people’s ability to connect through facial expressions. As a result, the art of smiling has become a skill that needs to be relearned for many in Japan.

The emergence of smile tutors reflects the resilience and adaptability of the Japanese people. It demonstrates their determination to overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic and reconnect on a deeper level. By acknowledging the importance of non-verbal communication and actively seeking ways to revive their smiles, individuals are taking steps towards rebuilding a sense of normalcy in a post-mask era.

As Japan gradually transitions to a mask-free society, the role of smile tutors becomes even more significant. These professionals provide guidance and support to individuals who are eager to rediscover the joy of smiling and to reestablish meaningful connections with others.

The journey of relearning how to smile may seem unusual, but it symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit. It serves as a reminder that even during challenging times, the simplest acts of kindness, such as a genuine smile, can bring people closer together and uplift the collective spirit.

As Japan continues its path toward recovery, the art of smiling will play a crucial role in fostering a sense of unity, positivity, and well-being among its people. The smile tutors are there to assist and empower individuals as they embark on this transformative journey, ultimately helping Japan regain its vibrant and joyful spirit once again.