September 24, 2023

North Korea Implements Ban on Suicides as Reported Figures Surge



Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, has issued an order instructing local authorities to enforce a ban on suicides in response to a significant increase in reported cases. Kim Jong Un has labeled suicide as “treason against socialism” and emphasized the importance of preventing such acts. The order also holds local government officials accountable for their role in preventing suicides within their jurisdiction.

Rising Suicide Rates and Causes:

According to a report by a spy agency, North Korea has witnessed a 40% surge in suicide cases compared to the previous year. Severe poverty and starvation were identified as major contributors to the rise in suicides. The South Korean National Intelligence Service spokesperson stated that internal unrest factors were prevalent due to the hardships faced by the North Korean people.

Implementation of the Secretive Law:

The ban on suicides was enacted through secretive emergency meetings held across the country, as reported by Radio Free Asia. These meetings revealed alarming statistics, with one session recording 35 suicide cases in Chongjin City and Kyongsong County alone. Disturbingly, many of the cases involved entire families taking their own lives. The country has grappled with multiple challenges, leading to widespread adversities among its citizens for decades.

Starvation and Poverty as Contributing Factors:

Reports indicate that deaths caused by starvation in North Korea have tripled, shedding light on another significant factor behind the alarming increase in suicide rates. An official from the meetings stated that severe poverty and starvation were common causes of suicide, and finding appropriate solutions had proven difficult despite the suicide prevention policy endorsed by the General Secretary.

Addressing the Crisis:

The implementation of a ban on suicides highlights the North Korean government’s recognition of the gravity of the issue and the urgency to address it. By holding local government officials accountable, Kim Jong Un aims to enforce preventive measures and ensure the well-being of the population. However, long-term solutions are needed to tackle the root causes of poverty, starvation, and economic hardships that contribute to the rising suicide rates.


North Korea’s decision to ban suicides and hold officials accountable underscores the severity of the issue within the country. The reported surge in suicide cases, coupled with rising deaths due to starvation, points to a crisis that requires immediate attention and comprehensive solutions. As the North Korean government addresses the situation, efforts to alleviate poverty, improve access to basic necessities, and promote mental health support are crucial for creating lasting change and preventing further tragedies.