October 1, 2023

Dubai’s Health & Happiness Competition: Win 240,000 Dirhams by Prioritizing Wellness

Dubai has taken a remarkable step towards promoting health and wellness in the community by launching the Health & Happiness competition in collaboration with STEPPI and Aster Clinics and Hospitals. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the significance of adopting healthy lifestyles to prevent lifestyle diseases and inspire positive changes among citizens and residents of Dubai.

The competition invites all members of the community, aged 18 and above, to participate and prioritize their well-being. The registration deadline for the competition is the 20th of August, and winners will be announced in January 2024. A total of 15 male and 15 female winners will be selected based on their achievements in meeting the criteria by the end of the competition period, which concludes on the 20th of December.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has emphasized the significance of participating in the Health & Happiness program not only for individual health but also for contributing to the overall vitality of the Dubai community. The competition involves health screening to identify areas that require positive changes and engaging in fun activity challenges to inspire participants to take charge of their lifestyles and emerge as healthier and happier individuals.

To enroll in the Dubai Health Authority’s health competition, participants need to download the STEPPI app from the App Store, Play Store, or Huawei AppGallery. After creating an account and pairing their wearable device or smartphone, contestants can access the Health & Happiness challenges through the app’s challenges tab. As part of the criteria for winning the competition, participants are required to undergo health screening at any of the listed Aster Health clinics.

The criteria for determining the winners include the rate of change in Body Mass Index (BMI) at the end of the competition, the rate of change in cumulative blood sugar (HbA1c) level, the rate of change in cholesterol level, the number of steps taken per week, and the frequency of exercise per week. It is noteworthy that there is no specific weight requirement for participating in the competition, making it inclusive and open to individuals of all body types.

Dubai Health Authority has announced an impressive award of 240,000 dirhams in cash and kind for the winners, making the competition even more appealing and encouraging individuals to actively participate in the pursuit of better health.

By combining community engagement, health screening, and activity challenges, the Health & Happiness competition aims to instill a culture of well-being in Dubai and promote lasting changes in participants’ lives. Through collective efforts and determination, Dubai is setting an inspiring example of prioritizing health and happiness, paving the way for a healthier and more vibrant community.