September 24, 2023

Canada: Toronto Couple Breaks Tradition, Serves McDonald’s Feast at Wedding

Big weddings are often associated with lavish spreads of delicious food. However, one couple from Toronto, Canada, decided to put their own spin on their special day by deviating from the norms of traditional catering. Instead of opting for the expected gourmet fare, they surprised their guests by serving a lavish feast from McDonald’s.

Last October, Izzy Barreto and Justin celebrated their wedding, and they were determined to make it a truly unique and memorable occasion. Breaking away from convention, the couple made an unconventional choice and splurged over $1000 on McDonald’s to treat their wedding guests.

In preparation for their big day, the 32-year-old couple placed a special order through Uber Eats. Their order consisted of 100 double cheeseburgers, 100 junior chicken pieces, and 150 servings of fries. Their intention was clear – they wanted to inject their own personality and individuality into their wedding by stepping away from the usual culinary expectations.

For Izzy, the bride, incorporating burgers and fries into the wedding menu was a way to reflect their unique vibe and make their guests feel truly connected to their relationship. Departing from tradition even further, they decided to forgo the customary cake-cutting ceremony and instead presented a delightful cheeseboard, which better resonated with their personal preferences. The couple’s choices were a true expression of their individuality and a departure from many traditional elements typically associated with weddings.

Speaking about their decision, Izzy emphasized that many people often feel pressured to conform to traditional expectations in order to please others, such as guests or family. However, she firmly believes that on one’s wedding day, it is essential to prioritize personal happiness above all else.

When Izzy shared the story of their McDonald’s-infused wedding, it resonated with social media users who appreciated their unique approach. The couple received praise for their idea, and some individuals expressed support for the concept of personalizing weddings to better reflect the couple’s tastes and preferences.

Izzy and Justin’s wedding serves as a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to weddings. Couples should feel empowered to add personal touches and depart from traditions if it aligns with their vision for their special day. After all, weddings are an opportunity to celebrate love and individuality, and the couple’s choice to infuse their wedding with a McDonald’s feast certainly left a lasting impression on their guests.