YouTube suffers global outage so people take to Twitter with the best reactions, memes

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Though the reason for the YouTube outage are not known, users across the globe reported playback issue and quality drop in many videos.

Twitter was flooded with memes and jokes after popular streaming platform YouTube suffered a global outage. Though the reason for the outage was not known, users across the globe reported playback issue in many videos.

According to DownDetector, a website that gives the real-time status of websites and their performance confirmed that at least 90% of the viewers were unable to watch videos. Some also reported issues in quality drops in videos and other login difficulties.

On May 19, the @TeamYouTube account on Twitter also acknowledged the issue of videos not streaming or uploading.

As soon as users across the globe realised the outage, many flocked to the microblogging site Twitter with memes and queries, causing #YouTube Down to dominate trends.

Take a look here:

In a follow-up tweet, the team confirmed that the issue faced by millions of users across the globe and requested people to report any further issues.

Back in November 2020, YouTube, along with several other Google services, including Google search and Google Play, suffered a global outage and millions of users took to social media.

Written by: Lakshya Sharma

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