Here is why this street in New York has been co-named ‘Punjab Avenue’

The move was also to honour the Punjabi community, which, according to City Council Member Adrienne Adams, has helped build and shape Richmond Hill for 50 years.

To celebrate the contribution of the South Asian community to the Richmond Hill area, the Punjabi community in Queens in the US has now a street named in its honour.

The Avenues between 111th and 123rd, which was nicknamed “Little Punjab” due to it being a hub of businesses run by Punjabis and the presence of two gurudwaras, has now been co-named Punjab Avenue. A tweet, which has now gone viral, features the residents of the area holding a board that read “Punjab Av”.

According to a CBS New York report, the initiative was a joint effort by several South Asian groups and City Council Member Adrienne Adams.

“This community has been underserved, not really recognized,” Adams told the news website. “Invisible, which is a travesty, knowing everything that all of our community brings to this wonderful district.”

A video of the board was also shared along with a witty caption that read, “Move over 5th Avenue, Manhattan. Queens now has….’Punjab Avenue’”.

Watch the video here:

The move was also to acknowledge the community, which, according to Adams, has helped build and shape Richmond Hill for 50 years, the news website reported.

Here is how netizens reacted:


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