Drone video shows people swimming near sharks as they hunt in a school of salmon

The video shows people swimming near a school of salmon even as two sharks lurk nearby.

A video of people swimming near a school of salmon even as two grey nurse sharks and two stingrays lurk in the area is being widely shared on the internet.

Footage shared by the Drone Shark App showed people swimming above a big school of salmon, that was surrounded by few dolphins and seals. But what caught experts’ attention was the presence of the sharks.

“Guys I recommend do not swim in the salmon schools and swim on the beach side if you can, as I’ve seen the more dangerous sharks approach from the outside on many occasions,” a Facebook post by the organisation warned.

Watch the video here:

Identifying a shark seen in the video as Norman, the post said: “You can make no mistake, Norman will always be around When there’s salmon for dinner”.

Nurse sharks are “for the most part, harmless to humans,” according to National Geographic. However, they do “have very strong jaws filled with thousands of tiny, serrated teeth, and will bite defensively if stepped on or bothered by divers who assume they’re docile.”


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