November 30, 2023

World Mental Health Day 2020: 5 best meditation apps you can try

From the Calm app to Sttava, five free meditation apps with in-built purchases which will provide you a mindful meditating experience

Covid-19 pandemic has brought turmoil in our lives by bringing drastic changes in the way we use to live our lives earlier. Due to the infection, most of us have been forced to do most of our work from our homes, now for almost seven months. This new normal will continue to remain a harsh reality in the distant future as well.

That’s why on this World Health Day, it is important to nurture the habit of taking care of our mental health and in the hindsight, Meditation seems to be the best cure to fight mental health challenges and to overcome various causal reasons leading to stress and depression. In fact, studies have shown that Meditation helps us gain a healthy perspective, enhances emotional and cognitive skills, develops resilience and strengthens the immune system.

Here we list five free meditation apps with in-built purchases which will provide you a mindful meditating experience.

Calm App

The Calm meditation app is quite popular among Android and iOS users and promises to provide better sleep along with boosting confidence through its meditating techniques of reducing stress and anxiety. It provides a guided meditation routine with soothing music and bedtime stories. In addition, it also offers a calming exercise in tandem with breathing techniques. It also has a dedicated kids section for the children of 3-17 years of age group.

Meditation Studio

Meditation studios guides in meditation through 30 mediation constructors available on the app through three different courses of Meditation essentials, Uncovering Happiness and Changing habits. These courses improvise sleeping habits for vital stress management and reduce anxiety and pain. Besides that, it has an in-built Health App which will help you to regularly update health calendars to keep a record of your meditation exercises.

Breathe App

This meditation application was founded by Lyne Goldberg who is also present as a personal coach to give meditation tips for the users of the app. The app focuses on personalized meditation requirements and further trains to remain cool down with an internal focus on breath before giving any reaction. Moreover, it also helps in relationship management along with controlling weight and health-related problems. It nurtures us to listen to our body and feel its emotion by natural sound and music therapy.

The Mindfulness App

This app comes with five-days guidance and interactive practices for silent meditation. It also provides features to its users to customize the duration of their meditation from 3 to 30 minutes as per their lifestyle. Subsequently, it also comes with statistics feature to track meditation activity through a journal.


Sattva adorns a traditional Vedic approach to provide a calm and poise meditating experience. It uses myriad mantras, chants and hymns narrated by Sanskrit scholars to help to meditate. Further, it enables the beginning of meditation in six minutes where mantras help people to reach a free state of mind with simple, deep and authentic meditation. Sattva app does provide a tracking feature for checking the progress and to set challenges. Apart from these it also allows browsing through thought collections as well.


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