Want to watch Live TV on your PC or laptop? Here’s how you can install JioTV

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While you can use the JioCinema app on your Smart TV and PC, the JioTV app is only available for smartphones and tablets. Here’s how you can install Jio TV on a PC or laptop.

JioTV is a good option for watching live TV anywhere, anytime as one doesn’t have to pay for cable channels and you can watch the TV via the internet. The JioTV app currently offers around 822 channels and even lets you watch past seven days shows.

The app comes with a multilingual user interface in more than 15 languages. But, is it possible to watch JioTV on a PC or laptop? Read on to know the trick.

Is JioTV available for all the platforms?

While you can use the JioCinema app on your Smart TV and PC, the JioTV app is only available for smartphones and tablets. You will not find this live TV app on the Microsoft store or your Android TV. However, there’s a workaround for this.

For smart TV, all you need to do is download the APK of Jio TV on your PC and then install it on your Android TV by copy-pasting the APK from a pen drive. However, the navigating experience might not be as pleasing as on a smartphone. If you want to watch JioTV on a bigger screen, then it is better to watch it on a PC or laptop. Here’s how you can do that.

How to watch JioTV on a PC or laptop?

Step 1: Install Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC or laptop.

Step 2: After downloading it, go to Google Play Store.

Step 3: Search JioTV app and install it. Once you download it, it will appear on the home screen of Bluestacks. You can open it whenever you want to.

JioTV app on a laptop using Android Emulator: Works fine?

The JioTV app works pretty well on a laptop or PC. You might actually feel like you are using it on your smartphone. Just move your cursor on any channel and you can start viewing. Bluestacks is one of the best Android Emulators for using any Android app on your laptop. It offers a good user interface and controls.

When you open the JioTV app, it will appear in portrait mode, but once you click on any channel or episode, you will be able to see them on landscape mode. In case this didn’t happen, then you can use the rotate button to watch a video in landscape. You will find this button on the right side of the screen, where all the controls are situated.

You can easily minimise any video by clicking and dragging it down, just like you do on your smartphone. You can close the minimized video by sliding it to the left. If you are not satisfied with the default full-screen mode, then you can click on Bluestacks’ full-screen mode.

If you cannot exit the full-screen mode, then just press ESC on the keyboard and click on the back button (in Bluestacks). The latter is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can also browse through other channels while watching a video. However, you don’t get the option to record videos that you have on smartphones. If you accidentally closed the app, then you can access it again from the Recent Apps section, located on the top bar.

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