December 3, 2023

Now add to cart with WhatsApp’s new Carts feature for shopping: Here’s how it works

WhatsApp is adding a new Carts feature to the app in order to make shopping experience easier. Here’s how it will work

WhatsApp is adding a new Carts feature to the app in order to make shopping experience easier. The Carts feature follows the Shopping button that was added back in November. WhatsApp had started showing a store front symbol next to the name for business accounts, which would make it easier for users to access the catalog posted by the business in question.

WhatsApp says that as “more and more shopping” is happening through chats, they want to make buying and selling even easier by adding this new feature. The company claims more than 175 million users interact with a business account daily and that three million people in India view a business catalog each month.

The Carts feature is geared towards businesses, which sell multiple items on WhatsApp and will make it easier for customers and businesses to keep a track of products being bought and sold. The business in question could be a local bakery or a clothing store, where a customer might typically choose more than one item.

The Carts feature will let users browse a catalog, select multiple products and send the order as one message to the business. WhatsApp says this will ensure that the business can keep keep track of order inquiries, manage requests from customers and close sales. So instead of the customer sending multiple messages about various products, the business gets one dedicated message.

So how can a user try out the carts feature on WhatsApp?

Go to any business account which you follow or talk to regularly on WhatsApp.

Then find items from the catalog and just tap “add to cart”.

Once your cart is complete, send it as a message to the business.

WhatsApp says the carts feature is going live around the world today and should start reflecting on accounts soon. The business will also need to have a catalog live in order for the carts feature to work.

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