How safe are you online? Lucideus Tech’s ‘Safe Me’ app will assess that risk for you

Lucideus Tech has launched Safe Me, a cyber risk assessment app with versions aimed at regular users, enterprises and their senior executives.

Cyber-security firm Lucideus Tech has launched Safe Me, a cyber risk assessment app with versions aimed at regular users, enterprises and their senior executives. Lucideus Tech typically helps enterprises with their cyber risk management and has done cyber security risk assessment for BHIM United Payments Interface app (UPI), Delhi Airport, Tata Sky among others in India.

“Our ‘Safe’ product, which we launched three years back, provides the cyber risk posture for your organisation, all the way down to every single laptop, every single router, every suite, every database, every cloud instance. Everything is given a real time, dynamic safe score between zero to five. But the common ask that kept coming from multiple customers of ours was that look, you’re giving me the security posture of the laptops or the servers, but you’re not giving me the security posture of my employees, which is supposed to be the weakest link in the entire network,” Saket Modi, co-founder and CEO of Lucideus Tech explained.

Built on this feedback, Safe Me lets individuals assess their own cyber risk. The app also has an enterprise version, which will cost companies $3 per employee per month. The platinum version of Safe Me is geared towards senior executives and high net worth individuals and carries a more premium price tag of $10,000 per executive per year.

When a regular user opens the ‘Safe Me’ app, they will see a score has been granted to them about their cyber-safety risk. The ratings are from zero to five; the lower the rate, the higher the risk. The app also does a risk assessment for the device, and highlights if the user needs to upgrade the OS, if the device is secure, etc. It also shows the user a list of passwords which have been breached linked to their email id, including the password that got leaked.

Modi says the app will remain ad-free and it does not require any special permissions in order to show this risk assessment.

The app will also let regular users take safety courses to improve their Safety score. The more quizzes one answers in a correct way, the better their score becomes. Each course also has a three-minute video explaining how to stay safe when using some popular online applications.

These courses will include safety around emails, apps like Paytm, Google Pay, etc. Enterprises on other hand will be able to design and run their own safety campaigns in order to improve the security risks of their employees.

A campaign run by an enterprise would require employees to take some of these courses. While there are 50 free courses for regular users, enterprises can choose from more than 100 courses to design their safety training exercise.

“Even today, the largest of the Fortune 500 companies around the world don’t have any personalised module for cybersecurity protection of their employees. So what we are trying to do with Safe Me is give you a personal assistant, and can count on it when it comes when you talk about knowing your own cybersecurity risk posture,” he said.

Modi pointed out that with COVID-19 pandemic and more employees working from home, the difference between professional workspace and personal space has disappeared. “So our application can give users and employees first hand visibility of their own risk posture,” he added.

One segment that Lucideus tech will be hoping to target with this application are high net worth individuals. That is the platinum plan with a $10,000 per executive annual cost. “The Platinum service basically also provides you access to certain services. There are five things that we do extra in Safe Me Platinum. The first one is personalised exposure assessment. We will actually see if somebody is using the picture of the executive and has made a fake Instagram ID or a fake Facebook ID. And we actually provide certain takedown services for that also, depending on the type of job,” he explained.

The second aspect of the service would be around personalised device security where Lucideus will help secure all the devices of these executives. This includes laptops, smartwatches, even smart home devices, WiFi routers, etc. The third aspect will focus on secure communication which would be explaining to executives how to ensure their conversations remain private.

“I’m sure you saw the whole Deepika Padukone fiasco where her WhatsApp chats were in the public. So how do you go ahead and make sure that your phone calls are not tapped, what are the right apps to use and various kinds of secure communication tactics and techniques is what we will explain to them and enable for them,” Modi said.

The fourth aspect of the Platinum plan focuses around personal data protection and will help ensure that executives can keep their data secure be it on the cloud or on their personal devices. “Most importantly, how do you destroy the data so that even Google cannot retrieve it. And not just from the cloud, but your pen drives and your hard disk? How do you secure that? We will explain all of that,” he added.

The final bit of the platinum programme will include actual training to the executive, their assistants and family members, in order to keep them secure online. “Most of our enterprise clients want this for their CEOs for their CFO and for their board members, or the top brass, because they’re very worried about their security, especially their work from home security now,” he said.