September 22, 2023

Deleting Threads Profile Requires Deleting Instagram Account, Says Meta

Meta’s highly anticipated social media platform, Threads, is gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate, with 10 million sign-ups in just seven hours, according to Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Meta. However, an intriguing stipulation has caught the attention of users: Deleting a Threads account can only be done by deleting the associated Instagram account.

In Meta’s Supplemental Privacy Policy, it is stated that users can deactivate their Threads profile at any time, but permanently deleting it requires the deletion of the connected Instagram account.

Meta explains that Threads profiles are an integral part of users’ Instagram accounts, leading to this unique requirement. The revelation of this stipulation has surprised many users who were not aware of the link between Threads and Instagram.

Threads, introduced by Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform boasting over 2 billion users, was rolled out to users in more than 100 countries. This new app, the latest contender in the realm of fast-growing Twitter rivals, appears to be the most desired among them.

In a Threads post, Zuckerberg shared his vision for the app, expressing the belief that there should be a public conversations platform with over 1 billion users. While acknowledging Twitter’s opportunities in this regard, he stated that it hadn’t fully realized that potential. Zuckerberg expressed hope that Threads would succeed in creating such a platform.

Within just seven hours, Threads attracted an astounding 10 million sign-ups, leaving Zuckerberg amazed by the reception. Numerous brands, including Netflix, Amazon, NFL, and Pepsi, have also shown confidence in the app by joining it. However, notable names such as Google, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Disney have yet to make an appearance on the platform, at least as of the time of publication.

As Threads continues to gain momentum, its unique requirement of deleting the associated Instagram account for complete profile deletion adds an interesting dimension to its usage. Users will need to consider this relationship between Threads and Instagram when deciding to delete their profiles on the platform.