Adobe Max 2020: Top announcements that will change how you create

Adobe at its Adobe Max annual creative conference announced a slew of new features that improve productivity and ease of use for its customers all over the world.

Adobe Max, the annual conference creative professionals look up to every year, kicked off virtually today with Adobe announcing a slew of new features that improve productivity and ease of use for its customers all over the world. “At Adobe, we believe that creativity is essential to human existence, especially in times of crisis,” Mala Sharma, VP & GM of Creative Cloud Product, Marketing and Community said, adding how studies have shown the present pandemic will have a lasting impact on creative businesses and forever change how we create.

“Our approach to disrupting creative learning consists of three pillars. The first one is helping our community, learn from each other, and empowering them to teach each other, and engage with each other,” she said in a briefing, explaining how one of the new features in the latest version of Creative Cloud will let users stream directly from Photoshop and Illustrator on the iPad, “making it possible for even more people to learn from other creators and engaging the community with each other”.

In the same context of sharing and learning, in Lightroom, users will now be able to see the edits top photographers used to produce a great image, and even save those edits as a preset to use on their shots. And when not learning from the Gurus, you will be able to get some tips from Adobe’s now mature Sensei artificial intelligence. In Photoshop, for instance, the discover tab will be able to recommend what next to do based on what Sensei has learned over the past few years.

And taking on products like Canva that have become even more popular during the pandemic, Adobe’s Creative Cloud will now offer a creative system that “unites people and teams, allowing them to share assets and inspiration, seamlessly co-create projects, easily gather feedback, and produce unified, harmonious work in less time with less effort”. Plus, Creative Cloud Libraries will now be available on Adobe Spark also so that there is uniformity of design and style in social media creative send videos too.

Then there is more from Sensei, which is good enough to do what was unimaginable a few years back. For instance, Photoshop’s new Neural Filters will let users change everything, that is a “person’s expression, smoothing their skin, cleaning up defects in an image, or applying a style of drawing to a photograph”. So the phrase ‘Photoshoping an image’ will have an all new meaning from now on.

Adobe, which has been collaborating with Apple on the iPad as the tablet becomes almost as powerful as a premium laptop, has also announced the Illustrator on the iPad and integrations to the cloud that will let users “start a design on your desktop, then seamlessly pick up where you left off on your iPad”. Meanwhile, the digital drawing and painting app Fresco will now be available on iPhone.


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