December 7, 2023

Rajasthan Technical University NBA Accreditation to five branches of B.Tech. Program

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Rajasthan Technical University NBA Accreditation to five branches of B.Tech. Program

State’s first technical university to become RTU with highest NBA accreditation

RTU engineering students of the state will get international recognition

State Government Concepts RTU Committed to Upgrade Technical Education in the State : Prof. RA Gupta, Vice Chancellor

Technical education for students seeking admission in engineering courses from academic session 2021-22 in Kota, State is going to set new dimensions for their career building with high standards. Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan Technical University, Prof. R.A. Recently, under the successful direction of Gupta, B.Tech of National Board of Accreditation (NBA), Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. Electrical, civil, computer, instrumentation and control of the engineering program and production and industrial branches have been awarded NBA accreditation, with RTU becoming the first technical university in the state with the highest NBA accreditation. New standards have been set by Rajasthan Technical University in the direction of global recognition and internationalization of quality education and engineering courses of technical education in the state, realizing the concept of Honorable Chancellor and State Government for upgrading technical education in the state. With the commitment to provide quality higher education and recognition of global standards, we are successfully implementing the policies of technical education by establishing new dimensions.

State Government’s approach to enable the youth of the state by developing higher, technical and skill education, through the NBA Accreditation by the University Administration, innumerable youth will be able to take advantage of the state government’s public welfare educational policies. With which the atmosphere will develop in the state towards technical education, the youth of other states will be attracted to take technical education.

With the recognition of the engineering courses of the Rajasthan Technical University, the graduates passing out from the university will get accreditation equivalent to courses from many other countries including Gulf countries, USA and England. This recognition is in line with the International Washington Agreement, of which the NBA is also a signatory. In compliance with the Washington Agreement, any university’s NBA accredited courses receive global recognition in other signatory countries, including more than 50 countries including Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, England, and the United States, in which students International options for employment will be available in these countries. With the grant of accreditation, the University will be able to receive a variety of grants which will prove to be helpful in the dissemination of technical education.

On this occasion, Vice-Chancellor Prof. RA Gupta informed the honorable Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot about the achievement of NBA Accreditation earned by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. The Hon’ble Chancellor of the University, His Excellency Governor Kalraj Mishra, congratulated the University family on achieving the achievement of innovation in the quality of technical education. He hoped that in future also the Vice Chancellor Prof. Under the leadership of Gupta, the university will likewise make its place in quality not only in the state but also in the leading technical institutions across the country, he extended his best wishes to all the students of RTU. Honorable Dr. Subhash Garg, Minister of Technical Education provided the RTU Vice Chancellor and University Administration with good wishes for this historic achievement and encouraged them to do such innovations in future as well.

Vice Chancellor Prof. R.A. Gupta said that this is a moment of pride for the RTU family, which I dedicate to my colleagues in realizing this plan. There has been an increase in the demand for internationalization rankings of institutions in the global scenario of technical education. Today, NBA achievements are being highlighted by students seeking admission. Multinationals and employers today include NBA colleges as a priority for their placements. This reliable system of ranking has developed the concept of trust of students. Undoubtedly, the NBA Accreditation will develop the reputation of Rajasthan Technical University as a global educational center. In today’s era, the importance of standardization of educational institutions has increased. Qualification determination is the quality criterion of any educational institution, so accreditation becomes important. The main objective is to promote and recognize excellence in technical education in universities by NBA accreditation.

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