September 24, 2023


Jaipur: IAS Naresh Kumar Thakral is confused and in a state of dilemma as the state government is continuously increasing the weight of responsibilities on him. Apart from the chair of Secretary, Finance, he also had additional charge of two more departments and now last week, he was given the additional charge of one more department as he has been given the responsibility of the newly constituted Peace and non-violence department as its Secretary. But the important point is that on October 1, 2022, this new department has been constituted and at that time DoP had given the additional charge of this department to Principal secretary, Tourism and Art and Culture, Gayatri Rathore. But for reasons known only to DoP, the department took back the charge from Rathore and handed to Naresh Thakral.

The new department has a full time Director and a staff of 19 and Thakral has been appointed Secretary of the department. It is worth noting that Thakral originally has the full-time and important responsibility of Finance (Expenditure). The BFC for new budget is going to start and Thakral would be completely busy in it, and yet, he has to shoulder the responsibilities of Secretary, Youth and Chairman Skill development Corporation. Under such circumstances, why is the state government overburdening him unnecessarily, it is beyond comprehension. And if due to some reason the government had to take the charge back from Gayatri Rathore, then there are several Secretaries that are under-utilised, they could have been handed the position in place of Thakral.