September 24, 2023

Bengaluru Trader Arrested for Assaulting Dutch YouTuber at ‘Chor Bazar’

Introduction: A trader in Bengaluru has been arrested by the police for manhandling a Dutch YouTuber, Pedro Mota, at the famous ‘Chor Bazar’ (thief market). The incident occurred while Mota was shooting a video blog, capturing his experiences during his travels in India.

The Incident: In a video released by the Bengaluru police, captured on Mota’s recording device, the YouTuber can be seen smiling and recording a selfie video in the market. Suddenly, a local trader approaches him and objects to the recording, forcefully grabbing Mota’s hand. Despite Mota’s pleas to let go, the trader refuses, causing a tense moment. Mota manages to free himself and quickly retreats from the scene.

The Arrest: The trader responsible for the assault has been identified as Navab Hayath Sharif. The Bengaluru police promptly arrested him and registered a case against him under Section 92 of the Karnataka Police Act. This section deals with street offenses and nuisance, aiming to deter such behavior in public spaces.

Reactions and Consequences: The incident has sparked outrage among the public, highlighting the need for a safe environment for content creators and travelers. It also brings attention to the importance of respecting individuals’ rights to record and document their experiences within legal boundaries. The arrest serves as a message that such actions will not be tolerated, ensuring the safety and freedom of expression for both locals and tourists.

Conclusion: The arrest of the Bengaluru trader for assaulting a Dutch YouTuber at the ‘Chor Bazar’ sheds light on the need for a respectful and inclusive environment for content creators and travelers. This incident serves as a reminder that everyone has the right to document their experiences without fear of physical harm or intimidation. The legal action taken against the trader sends a clear message that such behavior will face consequences, promoting a safer and more welcoming environment for visitors and locals alike.


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