September 27, 2023

Surat Diamond Bourse Dethrones Pentagon as World’s Largest Office Complex

In a historic milestone, the title of the world’s largest office complex has been seized from the Pentagon after 80 years, as a towering building in Surat takes the crown. Set to become the heart of the global diamond trade, the Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) will serve as a one-stop destination for over 65,000 diamond professionals, including cutters, polishers, and merchants.

Known as the gem capital of the world, Surat already cuts an impressive 90 percent of the world’s diamonds. Now, the city’s significance in the diamond industry is further cemented with the grand opening of the SDB, which will provide a colossal workspace for diamond-related activities.

According to reports from CNN, the 15-story tower consists of nine rectangular buildings interconnected through a central spine, sprawling across an astounding 35 acres of land. The SDB’s floor area covers an unprecedented 7.1 million square feet, overshadowing the Pentagon’s previous record.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slated to formally inaugurate the awe-inspiring structure in November, marking the completion of a remarkable four-year construction journey.

The Surat Diamond Bourse is a non-profit organization, established with the purpose of promoting the diamond industry in Surat, Gujarat, and registered under section 8 of the Companies Act of 2013. Mahesh Gadhavi, the CEO of the project, stated that the massive complex will eliminate the need for thousands of individuals to frequently commute to Mumbai for business purposes.

The SDB’s luxurious features are showcased in the CNN report, boasting marble floors and sunlit atriums that interconnect more than 4,700 office spaces. These spaces will not only house offices but also serve as compact workshops for diamond cutting and polishing. The development, valued at an impressive 32 billion rupees ($388 million), is equipped with 131 elevators and offers a wide range of amenities, including dining, retail, wellness, and conference facilities.

Designed by the renowned Indian architectural firm Morphogenesis, the Surat Diamond Bourse emerged from a global design competition. Mr. Gadhavi revealed that surpassing the Pentagon was never part of the initial plan; instead, the project’s enormous scale was driven by the industry’s growing demand and Surat’s integral role in the diamond trade.

As the world looks forward to the grand inauguration of the Surat Diamond Bourse, it is evident that this architectural marvel will not only reshape the city’s skyline but also revolutionize the global diamond trading landscape. The sprawling complex stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the enduring legacy of Surat’s diamond industry.