September 21, 2023

Mysterious Disappearance Unraveled: Bihar Man Believed Dead Spotted Eating Momos in Noida

In a bizarre turn of events, a man from Bihar’s Bhagalpur, who was presumed dead and mourned by his family for the past four months, was unexpectedly spotted enjoying a plate of momos in Noida. The shocking revelation was made by his brother-in-law, who had previously been accused of kidnapping him.


The bewildering chain of events began when Nishant Kumar mysteriously vanished on January 31, 2023. Concerned about his sudden disappearance, his father Sachidanand Singh promptly filed a missing person report at the Sultangunj police station, alleging that Nishant had been abducted by his brother-in-law, Ravi Shankar Singh, and his father-in-law, Naveen Singh.

The unexpected encounter unfolded at a bustling momos shop in Noida. Ravi, unaware of Nishant’s true fate, happened to be at the same establishment when he noticed a shopkeeper scolding a disheveled man in ragged attire with unkempt hair. Seized by a sense of empathy, Ravi intervened and urged the shopkeeper to offer some momos to the man. It was only later that he realized the astonishing truth – the man he had encountered was none other than Nishant himself.

Filled with a mix of shock, confusion, and relief, Ravi immediately took Nishant to a nearby police station, where he was then handed over to the Bihar Police. The following day, Nishant appeared before a court as authorities began investigating the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and subsequent presence in Delhi.

The police inquiry aims to determine whether Nishant was indeed kidnapped and, if so, how he ended up in the bustling city of Delhi. The details surrounding his disappearance and reappearance remain shrouded in mystery, leaving both authorities and the public intrigued.

Meanwhile, Ravi Shankar Singh, the brother-in-law who had been falsely accused of kidnapping, revealed the tremendous hardships his family had endured throughout the ordeal. He spoke of the harassment they had faced from Nishant’s family, who had pointed fingers without concrete evidence. Ravi expressed his hope that justice would prevail and bring closure to his family, finally clearing their name from these unfounded accusations.

As the investigation progresses, many questions remain unanswered. The extraordinary tale of Nishant Kumar, believed to be deceased but found savoring momos in Noida, has captivated the attention of both the local community and the wider public. Only time will reveal the truth behind this perplexing enigma and shed light on the series of events that led to this astonishing discovery.