September 30, 2023

Woman Arrested for Gruesome Murder and Disposal of Husband’s Body in Canal

In a shocking and gruesome incident, the police arrested a 50-year-old woman, identified as Dularo Devi, from Shivanagar village, Gajraula, on July 28 for the alleged murder of her husband, Rampal, aged 55. The heinous crime involved chopping the husband’s body into five parts and disposing of them in a nearby canal. The arrest has sent shockwaves through the local community, as the motive behind the brutal act slowly comes to light.

According to initial reports, the prime cause of the murder appears to be the “barbarous behavior” of Rampal towards his wife, Dularo Devi. Sources indicate that there may have been a history of domestic disputes and abusive conduct that eventually led to the tragic and violent outcome. The police have been investigating the matter thoroughly to piece together the sequence of events that led to such a horrific crime.

However, as the investigation progressed, more disturbing details emerged. It was discovered that both the husband and wife were allegedly involved in illicit relations outside their marriage. This revelation points to the possibility that an extramarital affair may have escalated tensions between the couple, potentially contributing to the fatal conflict.

The local authorities have condemned the act as a gross violation of human rights and the sanctity of life. The police acted promptly upon receiving information about the missing husband and conducted a thorough search operation that eventually led them to the accused, Dularo Devi.

In a statement, a police official said, “The details of this case are deeply disturbing. We are appalled by the brutality exhibited, and it is our duty to ensure that justice is served for the victim and his family.”

The accused woman is currently in police custody, and further investigation is underway to gather more evidence and ascertain the complete truth behind the horrific murder. The police are also looking into any possible accomplices or individuals who might have been aware of the crime but remained silent.

The entire community is grappling with shock and disbelief over the incident. Neighbors and friends of the couple have expressed their sorrow and condemned the violent act. They remember the couple as ordinary people living an ordinary life and are struggling to reconcile the image they had of the family with the horrifying reality that has now surfaced.

As the investigation progresses, the police will continue to delve into the circumstances surrounding the murder to bring forth a comprehensive and conclusive report. The case will be presented before the court, where Dularo Devi will face trial for her alleged involvement in the cold-blooded murder of her husband, and justice will be sought for the victim and his grieving family.