October 2, 2023

Tourist Brutally Assaulted in Agra: Video Goes Viral, Police Arrest Five

In a shocking incident captured on video, a tourist visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra was chased and mercilessly beaten by a group of assailants after his car accidentally touched one of them. The distressing incident occurred on Monday and the footage quickly went viral on Twitter, drawing widespread condemnation. Twitter users alerted the Uttar Pradesh Police, who promptly responded by directing the Tajganj police station to take immediate action. As a result, five individuals have been apprehended in connection with the attack.

According to accounts from Twitter users, the incident unfolded in the Basai Chowki area of Tajganj, Agra. The video, recorded by a CCTV camera installed inside a nearby sweet shop, captured the entire harrowing episode.

Despite the tourist’s repeated pleas and apologies, the attackers callously disregarded his appeals for mercy. In a desperate attempt to find refuge, the victim sought shelter inside the sweet shop, but the assailants relentlessly pursued him, wielding batons.

The assault was brutal and lasted for several agonizing minutes. The tourist endured severe physical harm at the hands of his assailants.

Responding to the viral video, the police took swift action and acknowledged the incident on Twitter. They confirmed that five individuals involved in the attack have been arrested, while efforts are underway to locate and apprehend additional perpetrators.

The disturbing footage shocked social media users, who expressed their outrage and called for strict punishment for the attackers. “These people brutally thrashed the tourist. They should also be beaten in the same way,” commented one user. Another user applauded the Agra police department, stating, “Great work by Agra police department… This is why we always trust our system… Agra police give us one more reason to trust our system.”

The incident highlights the need for swift justice and a strong deterrent against such acts of violence. Authorities must ensure that the perpetrators face the full extent of the law to prevent similar incidents from recurring. The safety and security of tourists are paramount, and incidents like these tarnish the image of Agra as a popular tourist destination.