September 22, 2023

Tamil Nadu Considers Revolutionary Shift: Liquor Sales in Tetra Packs

In a potential move that could revolutionize the liquor industry, Tamil Nadu is considering introducing the sale of alcoholic beverages in convenient tetra packs. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and minimize environmental impact, following the recent closure of 500 liquor shops in the state.

S Muthusamy, the Minister for Prohibition and Excise in Tamil Nadu, revealed that the government is exploring the possibility of adopting tetra packs for liquor sales. Muthusamy highlighted the benefits of using tetra packs, stating that they would prevent breakage and damage that often occurs with traditional glass bottles. Furthermore, the minister expressed concerns about the inadequate cleaning of reusable liquor bottles and emphasized the tamper-proof nature of tetra packs, reducing the risk of adulteration.

The practice of selling liquor in tetra packs has already been implemented in neighboring states like Karnataka and Puducherry. To evaluate the feasibility and potential impact of this initiative, an official team has been established to conduct a thorough study.

However, the proposal to introduce liquor sales in tetra packs has faced strong opposition. Anbumani Ramadoss, the president of the PMK party and former Union minister, expressed concerns about the potential misuse of tetra packs by minors and students. Ramadoss argued that they might mistake liquor tetra packs for other beverages, such as milkshakes or juices, leading to unintended consequences. He also highlighted the challenge for adults to monitor and control the proliferation of these packs among young individuals.

Ramadoss characterized the proposal as “truly alarming” and criticized the reasoning behind it as “absurd.” His remarks reflect the ongoing debate surrounding the potential implications of introducing liquor sales in tetra packs.

It is important to note that the potential shift to tetra packs for liquor sales is still in its preliminary stages. The government will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the feasibility and potential risks before implementing any changes. This initiative represents an effort by the Tamil Nadu government to explore innovative solutions that enhance convenience and address environmental concerns in the sale of alcoholic beverages.