September 28, 2023

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot announces abolition of fuel surcharge for electricity consumers


In a move aimed at alleviating the financial burden on its citizens, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has made a significant announcement regarding the abolition of fuel surcharge for electricity consumers across the state. This decision comes as a response to public demand and is poised to offer financial respite to both agricultural and domestic consumers. The Chief Minister’s visionary step towards enhancing consumer welfare was paralleled by the launch of the ‘Indira Gandhi Smartphone Scheme,’ which underscores the state government’s commitment to fostering digital empowerment and accessibility.

Abolishing the Fuel Surcharge

Chief Minister Gehlot’s proclamation to eliminate the fuel surcharge for electricity consumers carries far-reaching implications for the people of Rajasthan. The abolition of this surcharge translates into substantial savings for citizens, making the cost of electricity more manageable and reducing household expenses. The Chief Minister affirmed that this decision will come at a financial cost to the state government, amounting to Rs 2,500 crore. This is a testament to the government’s prioritization of the people’s welfare over fiscal considerations.

Gehlot’s announcement underscores the government’s commitment to prioritizing consumer interests and their financial well-being. This measure is expected to bring a sigh of relief to citizens who have been grappling with rising living costs.

Empowering Power Distribution Companies

With the abolition of the fuel surcharge, the Chief Minister also announced that the state government will allocate Rs 2,500 crore to power distribution companies. This move not only supports consumers but also ensures that power distribution remains smooth and sustainable.

By extending this financial support, the government showcases its recognition of the pivotal role played by power distribution companies in ensuring uninterrupted and reliable electricity supply to citizens.

Digital Empowerment Through Smartphone Scheme

In tandem with this consumer-centric initiative, Chief Minister Gehlot launched the ‘Indira Gandhi Smartphone Scheme’ at the Birla Auditorium. This initiative, which coincides with the digital age, is aimed at providing smartphones to citizens, empowering them with access to information, communication, and digital resources.

The scheme aligns with the government’s efforts to bridge the digital divide and make technology accessible to all segments of society. By providing smartphones, the government is opening doors to enhanced connectivity, education, and communication, thus contributing to the overall empowerment of its citizens.


Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s dual announcements carry forward his administration’s commitment to people-centric governance. The abolition of the fuel surcharge for electricity consumers demonstrates a resolute dedication to alleviating the financial stress on citizens. Additionally, the launch of the ‘Indira Gandhi Smartphone Scheme’ reflects the government’s forward-looking approach to digital empowerment and inclusivity. These decisions not only address immediate concerns but also contribute to the long-term well-being and progress of the state’s residents.