PM Modi on Day 1 of Budget Session: Let there be debate and discussion in Parliament

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The Prime Minister’s remarks comes amidst the tension at the Delhi borders protests sites.

On the first day of what is expected to be a tumultuous Budget Session with the opposition boycotting the Presidential address to the joint session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday urged all members of Parliament to debate and discuss all the issues that concern people of India with keeping the democratic values in mind.

“The coming decade is significant for India’s progress. We have to remember the vision and dreams of the greats who fought for our nation’s freedom. Let there be detailed debate and discussions on the floor of Parliament,” Modi said while addressing the media ahead of the session.

The Prime Minister’s remarks comes amidst the tension at the Delhi borders where protesting farmers unions are continuing their agitation against the contentious farm laws.

Modi said the Union Budget, which is to be presented on Monday, should be seen as part of the series of economic packages – which he described as mini budgets. “It’s the budget session. First time it happened that the Finance Minister had to come out with different packages. There were in fact four to five mini budgets in 2020. So this budget also will be seen as a part of that series of budget,” the PM said.

In the session that is scheduled to conclude on April 8 with a recess from Feb 15- March 8, the opposition is expected to corner the government on a range of issues including farmers protests, economic slow down and the WhatsApp leaks of news anchor Arnab Goswami.

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