October 3, 2023

Mysterious Door-Like Shadow Appears in Skies of Karnataka: Unraveling the Enigma


A fascinating and enigmatic spectacle has been making waves on social media, as a video of a door-like shadow appearing in the cloudy skies of Karnataka emerged online. The intriguing incident took place over the Hebbal Flyover near Airport Road, leaving netizens in awe and sparking a flurry of theories and speculations about its origin. From calling it a portal to another world to proposing scientific explanations, let’s delve into the fascinating world of this mysterious shadow.

The Viral Video and Netizens’ Reactions

A Twitter user, claiming to be a Bengaluru resident, shared the video of the ‘mysterious shadow’ on social media, capturing the imagination of viewers worldwide. The door-like apparition in the cloudy sky left many users surprised and curious about the science behind such a phenomenon. The post quickly garnered attention, and the tweet became a hot topic of discussion across various online platforms.

Speculations and Theories

As the video went viral, netizens offered a plethora of theories to explain the peculiar occurrence. Some users mused that it could be a portal to another world or a doorway to heaven, while others suggested it might be a result of spotlight projection or a visual illusion caused by a high-rise building far away. However, one of the most plausible explanations that emerged was that it could be a phenomenon known as the ‘Brocken Spectre.’

The Brocken Spectre Phenomenon

A Brocken spectre, also referred to as the Brocken bow, mountain spectre, or spectre of the Brocken, is a fascinating optical illusion caused by the magnified shadow of an observer cast in mid-air upon any type of cloud opposite a powerful light source. In this case, the observer’s shadow is projected onto the cloud cover, creating the illusion of a door-like figure suspended in the sky.

Global Occurrences of Similar Phenomena

Interestingly, incidents of similar shadowy apparitions have been reported from various parts of the world in the past. Back in 2017, China witnessed an eerily similar sight, where a mysterious rectangular light was seen emerging from the clouds in Shandong, captivating onlookers and generating widespread intrigue.


The mysterious door-like shadow appearing in the skies of Karnataka has certainly captured the imagination of people worldwide. As netizens continue to speculate and propose various explanations, the most plausible theory points towards the Brocken Spectre phenomenon, an optical illusion resulting from an observer’s magnified shadow projected onto clouds opposite a strong light source. While the allure of the mystical remains, understanding the science behind such occurrences adds an extra layer of fascination to the wonders of nature. As we continue to witness and share extraordinary phenomena like this, we are reminded of the marvels that our natural world has to offer and the beauty of unraveling these captivating enigmas.