November 30, 2023

Koi Taza Hawa Chali? Sidhu states Bhagwant Mann genuine, Punjab Congress lashes

Siddhu's meet with Maan had given rise to many rumours Image Source: Social Media

Amid the political turmoil in Punjab Congress, the party’s Punjab Congress’s Ex-President’s meeting with the CM had given rise to rumours.

Congress had been going through its most difficult times. The party which was expected to score a victory at least in Punjab failed to even stand close to majority due to its internal conflicts. Since then the party had been going through regular meetings discussing the resurrection of the party.

However, Navjot Singh Siddhu who’d been disappointed with the Congress High Command since the elections had been following the ‘ekla chalo re’ policy post election results and seems to play alone with no non-striker on the other end.

The former MP met the Punjab Supremo yesterday and stated that Maan has been as genuine as he’d been years ago. While responding to the meeting, SIdhu said that he didn’t feel as if he’d been meeting a chief minister and called him “down to earth”.

Taking it to twitter Siddhu wrote, “Most constructive 50 minutes spent Reiterated the pro Punjab agenda that I have stood for years Talked about means to generate income, it’s the only solution to end Punjab’s problem CM Bhagwant Mann was very receptive. Assured that he will deliver on people’s aspirations.”

Punjab Congress Lashes over the meet
Punjab Congress who’d been silent so far over the meet finally reacted over the row. Party’s new state President Amarinder Singh Raja attacked Sidhu indirectly. Singh while talking to media stated that the former cricketer is free to meet anyone but one’s aim should be to strengthen the party.

Amrinder Singh lashes over Siddhu’s meet with CM Maan Image Source:

On asking whether the party would be taking any action against the same, Raja said that meeting anyone does not make a difference until and unless it is done to weaken the party. If someone is found doing so then the action would be taken.