September 28, 2023

Indian Railways Offers Rs 20 Affordable Meals and and Special Trains for General Coach Passengers

In a significant update aimed at enhancing the travel experience of general coach passengers, the Indian Railways has announced the introduction of affordable meals and packaged water for these travelers. The Railway Board issued an order outlining the provision of counters serving specially designed meals on platforms aligned with the general coaches.

Under this new initiative, two categories of meals have been introduced for general coach passengers. The first type, priced at just Rs 20, includes seven ‘pooris’ with dry ‘aaloo’ (potato) and pickle. The second type, available for Rs 50, offers a diverse selection of South Indian dishes, such as rice, rajma, chhole, khichdi kulche, bhature, pao-bhaji, and masala dosa.

The extended service counters are being introduced on an experimental basis for a duration of six months. Presently, this facility is already operational at 51 stations and is being implemented in 13 others. Additionally, new stations are being identified to expand the coverage of these services, ensuring that more passengers can avail the benefits of affordable meals during their train journeys.

Furthermore, to cater to lower-income groups, particularly manual laborers, the Railways has decided to introduce a set of special trains. These trains will include both sleeper and general-class coaches and will consist of 22 to 26 coaches. The introduction of these trains aims to offer cost-effective and convenient travel options for those who rely on the railway network for their daily commute or long-distance journeys.

The move by Indian Railways to provide affordable meals and extend specialized train services demonstrates the organization’s commitment to improving the travel experience for all passengers, particularly those traveling in general coaches. By offering wholesome and pocket-friendly meal options, the Railways seeks to enhance the overall journey comfort and satisfaction of its valued passengers.

The introduction of these new services is likely to be warmly received by travelers, as it not only caters to their diverse culinary preferences but also acknowledges the unique needs of various passenger groups. As the implementation of these initiatives progresses, Indian Railways continues to strive towards making train travel accessible, enjoyable, and efficient for millions of people across the country.