September 25, 2023

India vs Pakistan World Cup Match: Fans Seek Hospital Rooms Amidst Record-High Hotel Rates in Ahmedabad

As hotel rates in Ahmedabad soar to unprecedented heights due to the highly anticipated cricket matches, creative fans have found an unconventional solution to secure accommodations in the city. With prices reaching more than 20 times their usual levels, fans are turning to hospital rooms that offer unique amenities, including breakfast and dinner, while also fulfilling their medical needs. The surge in demand for hospital lodgings comes ahead of the thrilling India vs. Pakistan match, as well as other high-profile games during the tournament, hosted in Ahmedabad.

Record-High Hotel Rates Prompt Unconventional Measures: According to media reports, hotel prices in Ahmedabad experienced a staggering increase of over 20 times the normal rate on October 15th, with some rooms costing as much as Rs 59,000. For instance, ITC’s Welcomhotel in the city was charging an astounding Rs 72,000 on the match day. The exorbitant costs left fans scrambling for alternatives as numerous hotels, including TC Narmada and Courtyard by Marriott, were fully booked and unable to accommodate more guests.

Hospital Rooms: A Creative Solution for Fans: Facing the exorbitant hotel prices and a lack of available rooms, resourceful fans have turned their attention to hospital rooms as an innovative means of securing a place to stay. Dr. Paras Shah, a medical professional at a hospital in Ahmedabad, revealed that fans are opting for hospital accommodations, which provide essential amenities and services, including full-body check-ups and overnight stays. This approach allows fans to enjoy the cricket matches while also taking advantage of medical facilities during their stay.

Hospitality Industry Navigates the Surge in Demand: As the India vs. Pakistan match and other high-profile games approach, the hospitality industry in Ahmedabad is grappling with a surge in demand for accommodations. Driven by fervent cricket fans from India and abroad, hotels are witnessing a tremendous influx of bookings, leading to limited availability. In response, certain hospitals, like Dr. Paras Shah’s, have cautiously accommodated advance bookings from NRIs while ensuring patient care remains the top priority.

Ahmedabad’s Spectacular Cricket Hosting Streak: The city of Ahmedabad is gearing up for an exciting cricket extravaganza, serving as the venue for several crucial matches during the tournament. Apart from the high-octane India vs. Pakistan clash, Ahmedabad will also host the opening match between England and New Zealand and culminate with the final on November 19. This prestigious lineup of matches has drawn cricket enthusiasts from across the globe to witness the sporting spectacle firsthand.

Conclusion: With hotel rates reaching record highs in Ahmedabad ahead of the thrilling cricket matches, resourceful fans have discovered a unique solution by opting for hospital rooms that offer both accommodation and medical services. As the city eagerly awaits the commencement of the tournament, cricket enthusiasts are poised to experience unforgettable moments, both on and off the field. As fans flock to Ahmedabad to witness some of the tournament’s most anticipated matches, the hospitality industry and medical facilities are gearing up to ensure a memorable and comfortable experience for all visitors.