September 23, 2023

Government Plans to Establish Eight New Cities Across India to Alleviate Urban Burden: Report

In a bid to address the mounting pressure on existing urban centers, the Indian government is contemplating the establishment of eight new cities, according to a senior official. MB Singh, the director of the G20 unit of the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Department, revealed that the recommendation to develop new cities was put forth by the 15th Finance Commission in one of its reports.

Following the commission’s suggestion, several states submitted proposals to the Central Government, proposing the creation of 26 new cities. After careful scrutiny, eight locations are currently being considered for development, Singh stated. The government intends to disclose the chosen sites and their respective timelines for development in the near future.

Singh emphasized the necessity of constructing new cities in response to the inadequate capacity of existing ones to meet the needs of their inhabitants. The unplanned expansion on the outskirts of these cities has significantly impacted their overall planning. By establishing new cities, social and economic activities are expected to flourish within a radius of at least 200 kilometers.

Although the precise financial framework for the project is yet to be finalized, Singh highlighted the pivotal role the Union government will play in its execution. The initiative to create these eight new cities aims to provide relief to existing urban centers and enable more efficient urban planning for the benefit of the citizens.

The prospect of establishing new cities brings with it the promise of fresh opportunities and improved living conditions for residents. As the Indian government moves forward with this ambitious plan, it is hoped that the development of these new cities will contribute to the country’s overall progress and sustainable urban growth.