September 28, 2023

Ghaziabad Man Arrested for Shooting Sanitation Staff Over Swachhta Song Disturbance

A 48-year-old man in Ghaziabad was apprehended by authorities after allegedly attempting to shoot two sanitation workers who were playing the ‘Swachhta Song’ in their waste collection vehicle. The incident, which occurred in Kanchan Park, led to the arrest of Tauheed Ali, a retired Border Security Force (BSF) personnel.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, Tauheed Ali was disturbed by the incessant playing of the Swachhta jingle through the loudspeakers of the waste collection vehicle, which disrupted his sleep. In response to this annoyance, he opened fire at the vehicle and its driver.

The incident unfolded at approximately 7 am when the waste collection vehicle, carrying sanitation staff members Rohit Kumar and his co-driver Raj Kumar, passed by the accused’s residence. Rohit Kumar recounted the events, stating that the suspect initially requested them to turn off the song as they drove past his house. However, they explained that doing so would prevent other residents from being alerted to the vehicle’s presence.

“When our vehicle was passing his house, the man started objecting. Despite attempts to explain that turning off the song would prevent other residents from being alerted, he became violent and started assaulting us. He later retreated into his house and returned with a revolver,” the driver told HT.

The driver further revealed that the man’s aggression extended to other residents in the vicinity, and he even made two attempts to shoot them. Fearing for their lives, both sanitation workers fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind.

The local police were alerted to the incident and swiftly arrived at the scene. An FIR (First Information Report) was lodged against Tauheed Ali under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which pertains to attempted murder.

Law enforcement agencies have condemned the man’s extreme response to a minor annoyance and emphasized that such acts of violence are unacceptable. Measures are being taken to ensure the safety and security of the sanitation workers and other individuals in the community.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing conflicts peacefully and maintaining a harmonious living environment. It is crucial for communities to foster understanding and respect among residents, as well as promote open dialogue to resolve any issues or disagreements that may arise.