Crop failure, rise in fuel costs push up vegetable prices in Delhi

New Delhi: Vegetable prices have seen a surge in the Delhi-NCR region due to heavy rainfall and crop failure.

Vendors in Okhla fruit and vegetable market say that the customers are now buying less due to an increase in prices.

While speaking to ANI, Sonu Pehlwan, a vegetable vendor, said, “With high fuel prices and rainfall, vegetable prices tend to rise. How will daily-wage workers buy tomatoes worth Rs 70/kg?”

The customers visiting the market also accepted that they are buying less and they are aware of the fact that the vegetable vendors are not at fault here for the increase in prices.

Deepak, a customer, said, “Our whole monthly budget has been disturbed. The transportation cost has also been increased. The rainfall has affected the crops due to which the vegetables are so costly.” (ANI)