September 23, 2023

Changing Trends: Love Marriages and Wedding Technology on the Rise in India

Introduction: A recent survey conducted by WeddingWire India, the Indian division of The Knot Worldwide’s wedding technology platform, indicates a significant shift in marriage trends in the country. The survey reveals that love marriages are becoming more acceptable, while wedding technology platforms are gaining popularity among couples. These findings shed light on the evolving dynamics of relationships and the increasing use of digital tools in wedding planning.

Decline in Pre-Arranged Marriages: According to the survey, there has been a notable decrease in pre-arranged marriages. In 2020, 68% of couples admitted their union was pre-arranged, whereas in the 2023 study, only 44% chose this option, marking a significant 24% decrease. This shift reflects a growing acceptance of love marriages, where individuals have the freedom to choose their life partners based on mutual affection and compatibility.

Rise in Wedding Technology Platforms: The survey also highlights an 11% increase in the utilization of wedding technology platforms. In 2020, 47% of couples utilized wedding planning websites, while in 2023, this number rose to 58%. This demonstrates the growing reliance on digital platforms for organizing and managing various aspects of weddings, providing couples with convenient tools and resources to streamline their planning process.

Timing and Communication: The survey reveals interesting insights into wedding planning timelines and communication methods. Approximately 41% of couples begin planning their marriage 4-6 months ahead of the wedding, while 32% of couples engage in planning only 1-3 months before the big day. In terms of communication, 76% of couples choose WhatsApp as their primary platform for sharing details with guests, such as accommodation arrangements and event dates. Physical copies of invitations are sent by 39% of couples, and 33% prefer inviting guests in person.

Embracing Technology for Planning: Smartphones have become the preferred tool for wedding planning, surpassing conventional methods. The survey indicates that a majority of couples rely on their smartphones to access planning resources, connect with vendors, and stay organized throughout the wedding journey. This shift underscores the convenience and efficiency offered by digital tools in managing wedding preparations.

Changing Traditions: The survey also highlights the adoption of international practices in Indian weddings. Approximately 28% of millennials reported that their partner made a formal proposal before the wedding, reflecting the influence of global trends. Additionally, the survey found that living together before marriage is becoming more common in India, aligning with global practices observed in The Knot Worldwide’s global Newlywed survey.

Conclusion: The survey conducted by WeddingWire India reveals an evolving landscape of marriage trends in India. With a decline in pre-arranged marriages and a rise in love marriages, along with the increasing use of wedding technology platforms, couples are embracing new possibilities and taking advantage of digital tools to plan their special day. These shifts reflect a changing mindset and a desire for personalized wedding experiences. As India continues to evolve, traditions are being redefined, and couples are embracing modern approaches to create memorable weddings that reflect their unique love stories.


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