September 25, 2023

Age is Just a Number: Mizoram’s Lalringthara Pursues Education at 78

Lalringthara, a determined individual from Mizoram, has proven that there is no age limit to learning and that the pursuit of education can be a lifelong journey. At the age of 78, Lalringthara took a bold step to fulfill his lifelong ambition of becoming educated by enrolling in Class 9.

Born in 1945 in the village of Khuangleng, located near the border between Mizoram and Myanmar, Lalringthara’s early education was marred by adversity. After the untimely death of his father when he was just two years old, his family fell into abject poverty. Forced to assist his mother in the fields, he was only able to complete the second grade of his education.

Despite facing challenges, Lalringthara’s thirst for knowledge persisted. After three years, his mother managed to re-enroll him in Class 5. However, the necessity of laboring in the paddy fields to make ends meet led to further disruptions in his education. Undeterred, he continued to seek opportunities for learning and even took on a job as a guard at a nearby Presbyterian church to support his family.

Through determination and resilience, Lalringthara became literate and learned the Mizo language. But his thirst for education was not satiated. In 2018, after over seven decades, he enrolled in Class 5 in his home village of New Hruaikawm. He displayed remarkable dedication and progress, completing the eighth grade in middle school.

His dream to continue his studies faced a hurdle when his village lacked a high school. However, this setback did not deter him. In April of this year, Lalringthara made a visit to the nearby Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan High School to apply for admission. The school administration was understandably surprised by his request, but they recognized his determination and allowed him to enroll in Class 9. They provided him with the required textbooks and uniform to support his educational journey.

Despite a daily 3-kilometer walk to attend classes, Lalringthara remains undeterred in his pursuit of knowledge. His ambition includes learning English, as he wishes to read, write, and understand the language. The school staff and teachers at RMSA are inspired by his dedication and have pledged to support him in his quest to complete high school.

Lalringthara’s remarkable story serves as a beacon of inspiration and a reminder that age should never be a barrier to learning. His determination to pursue education, despite the odds stacked against him, showcases the transformative power of education and the tenacity of the human spirit. As he continues on his educational journey, Lalringthara sets an example for all, proving that the desire for knowledge and learning knows no bounds and can be pursued at any stage of life.