December 9, 2023

Threat of ‘Monkeypox’ Virus Started Looming After Corona, Know the Symptoms Here

Threat of 'Monkeypox' Virus Started Looming After CoronaImage Credit: Roger Harris/Science Photo Library/Getty

Monkeypox Virus: Recently a new virus has come in front of people whose name is Monkeypox. Its symptoms are like Chicken pox.

Monkeypox Virus: On one hand, the cases of corona are increasing all over the world and on the other hand, new viruses are increasing the problems of the people.

Recently a new virus has come in front of people whose name is Monkeypox. Its symptoms are like Chicken pox.

According to the report, one case of the monkeypox virus has been seen in Britain. The person with whom this virus has been confirmed had recently come from Nigeria. It is being told that this virus is spreading from infected organisms like rats to humans.

What is Monkeypox Virus after all?

On hearing the name of the new virus, there is a desire in our mind to know everything about it. Keeping this desire in mind, we will tell you what is this Monkeypox?

According to America’s CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) it is a rare disease caused by infection with the Monkeypox virus.

It is a member of the Orthopoxvirus family, which also contains the Variola virus (which causes smallpox), Vaccinia virus (used in the Smallpox vaccine), and Cowpox virus.

It is not yet clear who is the host of this virus, but African rodents and monkeys are believed to be the cause of its spread.

Monkeypox Virus: Know the symptoms of this virus

The symptoms of Monkeypox are similar to those of common Smallpox, but it is not as serious as Smallpox. Talking about the initial symptoms of this disease, symptoms like fever, headache, muscle pain, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills, and tiredness are seen.

Symptoms of Monkeypox virus

There is a high fever for 1-3 days. In this, the patient’s body gets rashes which can be on any part of the body. In this, sometimes there are wounds, Macules, Papules, Vesicles, Pustules and Scabs on the body. The disease lasts for 2-4 weeks in the patient.

Monkeypox Virus: Monkeypox is a zoonotic disease

Monkeypox is a zoonotic disease as it can spread from animal to human. It enters the body through skin wounds, respiratory tract, eyes, nose or mouth.

Transmission of disease from animals to human can be through bites, scratches, wounds and direct or indirect contact. Human-to-Human transmission of the disease is very unlikely, but it can be transmitted through respiratory droplets and direct or indirect contact.

Monkeypox Virus: What is the treatment of this virus?

Talking about the treatment of Monkeypox, till now scientists do not have any treatment for this virus. However, let us tell you that the Smallpox vaccine, antivirals and VIG are used to prevent the outbreak of this disease.