September 27, 2023

International Day of Yoga: Yoga equipment and accessories that you must have

Yoga is not just about physical healing and fitness; it encompasses a holistic approach to well-being that includes emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. The practice of yoga goes beyond the physical postures and extends to breath control, meditation, and ethical principles. Here are some must-have yoga Yoga equipment and accessories.

Yoga Towel
A yoga towel is a non-slip and absorbent towel that can be placed on top of your mat. It helps maintain traction and prevents slipping, especially during hot yoga or intense practices that cause perspiration. If you tend to sweat a lot during your practice, a yoga towel can be beneficial. It provides extra grip and absorbs moisture, keeping your mat dry and slip-free.
Yoga Strap
A Yoga strap, also known as a yoga belt, is a versatile prop commonly used in yoga practice to improve flexibility, assist in achieving proper alignment, and deepen stretches. It is typically a long, sturdy strap made of cotton or nylon with a buckle or a D-ring at one end.

Fitness Trackers/Wearable Devices

Fitness trackers or wearable devices with built-in heart rate monitors and activity-tracking features can be useful during yoga practice. They can help you monitor your heart rate, track the number of calories burned, and also analyze your sleep patterns for overall wellness.

Knee and wrist pads
Knee and wrist pads are additional accessories that can provide extra cushioning and support during yoga practice, particularly for poses that put pressure on these joints. By using these pads, you can minimize discomfort, prevent unnecessary strain, and focus on maintaining proper alignment and engagement in your yoga practice.

Source: Pexels