Get your dose of Omega 3 with these six plant-based sources

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However, note that Omega-3 fatty acids can cause acne in people who have sensitive skin

It is extremely essential to take good care of one’s health by consuming nutritious food and exercising daily. Among the many things the body requires for its functioning is Omega -3, which according to diabetes educator Rashi Chowdhary is needed “to maintain your heart, skin and brain health.”

While fish happens to be the best source of Omega-3, if you are someone who follows a plant-based diet, she has suggested some sources to help you get ample amounts of this fatty acid.

“Plant-based omega-3s come in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is the only essential omega-3 fatty acid. Since our bodies cannot synthesize it, we need to consume ALA through our diets. The body naturally converts ALA into longer chain omega-3 fatty acids, such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), super important for brain health — and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), best for reducing inflammation,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

She added, “So, fish contains both DHA and EPA. But, that doesn’t mean you are losing on anything if you take a plant-based omega-3. There’s significant research that people who follow vegan diets actually had more long-chain omega-3 fats in their blood, compared with fish-eaters and meat-eaters! This is probably because a lot of us still haven’t started to eat or still don’t have access to organic meats.”


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Below, check out her top six for plant-based Omega-3 sources with their contents:

* Just 3 whole walnuts have 515 mg
* 1 tsp of flaxseed has 515 mg
* 1 tbsp pumpkin has 650 mg
* 1 tap of chia seeds has over 700 mg
* 1tsp of hemp seeds has 800 mg
* 1 cup of edamame has 1000 mg

“Please note this is all in the form of ALA and will go into your body and then convert to usable forms like EPA and DHA which are readily available in fish. So if you really want to tackle inflammation head-on, I would also highly recommend an Algal oil supplement to actually get the optimal amounts we need. It’s going to be hard to get it only through foods,” she added.

Also, note that Omega-3 fatty acids can cause acne in people who have sensitive skin.

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