Money Heist: Dhruv decodes Netflix’s ‘Spanish Masala Blockbuster’

In a video titled Money Heist: The Spanish Masala Blockbuster, YouTuber Dhruv Rathee explains the Netflix show’s global success, its Indian connect and whether bank robbery can actually be taken up as a profession.

Why did Netflix show Money Heist become a global phenomenon? Why did viewers love even the most loathsome characters? Did it really propagate the idea of robbery? YouTuber Dhruv Rathee decodes popular web series Money Heist in a video released by Netflix India recently. Titled Money Heist: The Spanish Masala Blockbuster, Dhruv calls Money Heist, ‘Spanish Dhoom’, and even gives reasons for it.

The 15-minute long video is divided into several parts like The ‘Ocean’s Effect’, Money Heist’s Formula, The Indian Connection and Theft as a Career. Breaking down the show’s inception, plot, characters, symbolism and audience connect, Dhruv explains how Money Heist relies on “unbelievable things.” According to him, the crime drama is high on love and passion. Also, since every character has a tragic backstory, it leaves the viewers sympathising with even a Berlin.

Dhruv also talks about the show’s symbols – red jumpsuits, Dali masks and the theme song “Bella Ciao”, and how it doesn’t go for mass and international appeal, rather stays rooted to Spanish culture. He gets anthropologist Mathangi Krishnamurthy and economist Amartya Lahiri to discuss the art and money aspect of the show.

Coming to its Indian connect, Dhruv Rathee convinces us that since doing impossible things in style takes precedence over credibility and authenticity in Money Heist, it totally resonates with our Bollywood sentiments. In fact, towards the end, he even discusses the pros and cons of taking up bank robbery as a profession.

Dhruv shares that Álvaro Morte, who plays The Professor, had once called Money Heist “like Rock n Roll” because it keeps running at full speed. Seeing the video and the show, we do not doubt that. Right?

The shoot of Money Heist’s fifth and final season is currently underway. The Netflix series also stars Pedro Alonso, Úrsula Corberó, Jaime Lorente, Itziar Ituño and Miguel Herran.


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