November 22, 2023

‘Bigg Boss 14’: Know about Salman Khan’s remuneration and what he said on taking pay cut


Every year, ahead of ‘Bigg Boss’ premiere, Salman Khan trends a great deal for the whopping salary he gets for hosting the seasons.

New Delhi: The wait will be over in just a couple of days as ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is set to premiere this weekend. It is one of the most-awaited reality shows and viewers are waiting with bated breath for its arrival. ‘Bigg Boss’ is hosted by superstar Salman Khan. He has been associated with the show since season 4 and every year, ahead of ‘Bigg Boss’ premiere, Salman trends a great deal for the whopping salary he gets for hosting the seasons.

This year, as per reports, Salman is charging around Rs 20 crore per episode. mid-day reports that Salman has a Rs 450-crore deal with the makers and the channel. They quoted a source as saying that Salman reportedly charged Rs 15.5 crore per episode in 2019 and this time, he has increased the remuneration by Rs 5 crore more.

“While the three-month stint works out to Rs 480 crore, the makers and he agreed to seal the deal at Rs 450 crore,” the source told mid-day.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, when ‘Bigg Boss 14’ was launched, Salman spoke about taking a pay cut for hosting the show in order to ensure every crew member gets their due payment.

When Salman asked the makers, “We are paying full salary to everyone?”, he was told, “We are paying salary. Obviously, you might not see huge increments, but we are paying full salary to people.”

To this, Salman responded, “Very good. What about mine? Doesn’t matter. I am more than happy to cut it down, so that everyone else gets paid.”

‘Bigg Boss 14’ premiers from October 3. While launching the new season, Salman Khan also gave a virtual tour of the Bigg Boss house, which has an in-house spa, restaurant, theatre and shopping mall for the housemates.

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