September 22, 2023

Aamir Khan Expresses Desire to Be Invited on Kapil Sharma’s Show, Says “I Just Want to Come to Entertain”

At the trailer launch event of Carry On Jatta 3, Aamir Khan and Kapil Sharma shared the stage, where Aamir expressed his admiration for the comedian and actor. Aamir revealed that he has become a big fan of Kapil Sharma and expressed his desire to be invited to the popular comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show.

During the event, Aamir Khan spoke highly of Kapil Sharma’s talent and how he has entertained audiences. He said, “I have become such a big fan of him. Meri itni shaamon ko inhone rangeen banaya hai, I have laughed so much, he is so entertaining that I called him a few weeks back to tell him, ‘Thank you so much for entertaining so many people. It’s such a big thing to entertain people’. I am one of your biggest fans Kapil. But I also want to ask why haven’t you invited me to the show ever? I am asking this before he can say anything. I am a step ahead of Kapil.”


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Aamir went on to explain that he has been watching The Kapil Sharma Show regularly, finding joy and laughter in it. He shared, “I have been doing lesser work and spending time with my family, so every evening, I enjoy watching something that has comedy in it. Every night, I watch something before sleeping, and in the last few months, I have been watching Kapil’s show. I have become such a big fan of him. You would have noticed that I was having the biggest smile when he walked on stage.”

In response, Kapil Sharma revealed that he had tried to invite Aamir Khan to his show multiple times but due to various circumstances, their plans couldn’t materialize. Kapil said, “It will be our good fortune the day you come on our show. Whenever I have met Aamir bhai, I have met him in a crowd. I have requested Aamir bhai many times, but he’s said he was going somewhere and that we should talk after he returns, and we end up meeting after three years. So it will be great if he comes on the show.”

The interaction between Aamir Khan and Kapil Sharma brought laughter to the audience, with Aamir expressing his desire to appear on the show solely to entertain, rather than for film promotions.

Fans of both Aamir Khan and Kapil Sharma eagerly await the day when the talented actor will grace The Kapil Sharma Show, bringing together their unique brand of entertainment