September 28, 2023

Mumbai Man Arrested for Stealing Car Parts to Fund Girlfriend’s Shopping Spree

In a peculiar turn of events, a 28-year-old man from Mumbai has been apprehended for his involvement in a series of car part thefts that took place in parking lots over the past year. The accused, identified as Mohsin Mehboob Shaikh, a resident of Kurar, Malad East, reportedly stole electronic control modules (ECMs) and injectors from various vehicles to finance his girlfriend’s extravagant shopping habits. This bizarre incident has left the local community astounded and concerned about their vehicle’s safety.

The arrest of Shaikh came after an extensive investigation conducted by the MIDC police, who had been tracking him for several months. Gorakhnath Jadhav, a resident of Narayan Nagar Chawl in Andheri East, brought the matter to the attention of the authorities, reporting a string of thefts targeting ECMs and injectors from parked cars in the neighborhood. The residents were alarmed as such incidents were unprecedented in their area.

To capture the culprit responsible for the thefts, a dedicated team of four police officers was assembled. They meticulously reviewed more than 50 closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera footages in the vicinity and neighboring areas, hoping to identify the thief. Unfortunately, the recordings were of poor quality, providing little assistance in identifying the suspect. Undeterred, the officers resorted to their network of informers, who eventually led them to several garage owners in Malad East known for purchasing stolen ECMs.

The police interrogated the garage owners, uncovering that Shaikh had sold a staggering 36 ECMs from various car models, amounting to a value of ₹2.80 lakhs over the course of a year. With this vital information in hand, the police managed to trace the whereabouts of Shaikh’s girlfriend. Setting up a trap near Kurar village, the officers spotted the accused riding a two-wheeler with the woman on a Saturday.

Upon noticing the police, Shaikh attempted to flee the scene but was swiftly apprehended. A subsequent search of his residence yielded a surprising discovery: a total of 98 ECMs and injectors were found. It was during the investigation that Shaikh confessed to stealing the car parts, explaining that he resorted to these illegal activities to fund his girlfriend’s extravagant shopping spree.

The arrest of Mohsin Mehboob Shaikh has raised concerns about the lengths individuals may go to fulfill their loved ones’ desires, even resorting to criminal acts. This incident serves as a stark reminder for car owners to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to safeguard their vehicles from potential thefts. The MIDC police have assured the local community that they will continue to work diligently to maintain the safety and security of the area, urging residents to report any suspicious activities promptly.

As Shaikh faces legal consequences for his actions, it is a reminder that resorting to illegal means to fulfill personal desires can have severe repercussions. The case also highlights the importance of open communication and finding healthier alternatives to manage financial burdens, rather than resorting to criminal activities that can disrupt lives and tarnish reputations.