September 29, 2023

“Maleesha Kharwa: Fourteen-year-old From Dharavi to Forest Essentials, a Remarkable Journey”

Fourteen-year-old Maleesha Kharwa, hailing from the vibrant slums of Dharavi in Mumbai, has captivated hearts worldwide as she becomes the new face of Forest Essentials, a renowned skincare company. Her inspiring story took the internet by storm, spreading waves of joy and admiration.

Living with her parents, grandparents, brother, and uncle in a modest temporary dwelling near the sea, Maleesha’s life took an unexpected turn when American actor Robert Hoffman noticed her. Fondly known as “The Princess From The Slum,” she gained immense popularity on social media after being selected for Forest Essentials’ latest campaign, titled Yuvati Selections.


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The overwhelming response from netizens came as they witnessed Maleesha’s elated reaction upon seeing her image in an upscale store. A single glimpse of her infectious smile brought tears of joy to many.

Maleesha’s GoFundMe page sheds light on her humble background, where even having two square meals a day is considered a luxury. Hoffman took the initiative to explain Maleesha’s aspirations and the dire circumstances she faces through her crowdfunding platform.

In her own words, Maleesha expressed her deep affection for her home despite its impoverished conditions. “People often ask me if living in a slum makes me sad, and this question always confuses me because I love my home so much! Here is where I live,” she shared.

While her living conditions pose numerous challenges, including inadequate food and shelter, Maleesha’s passion for dance and modeling shines through. When Hoffman discovered her talents and ambitions, he resolved to support her dreams.

Maleesha has already made appearances in advertisements for prominent brands and graced the pages of publications like Cosmopolitan. Her remarkable journey serves as an inspiration, proving that determination and talent can transcend boundaries.

With her infectious smile, Maleesha is breaking stereotypes and empowering others to pursue their passions, regardless of their background. As the face of Forest Essentials, she continues to inspire countless individuals, reminding us that dreams can be achieved with unwavering resilience and unwavering support.