October 3, 2023

40 pc cancer cases caused by tobacco, alcohol, pan masala; no clue in 20 pc cases: Expert

40 per cent of the total cancer cases are caused by tobacco, alcohol and pan masala, Professor Pankaj Chaturvedi, the Head Cancer Surgeon and Deputy Director of Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai said here in Lucknow on Monday. Professor Chaturvedi was giving a presentation at the efficiency enhancement lecture on ‘Victory over Cancer’ held at Lok Bhavan in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow.

Addressing the event, the professor said, “Forty per cent of cancer cases are caused by tobacco, alcohol, pan masala etc, 4 per cent of cases are genetic and 10 per cent are related to cleanliness whereas there is no clue about 20 per cent of cancer cases”. “For example, we have no clue as to what causes blood and bone cancer. It is very important to know the causes. There is a misconception about cancer in society,” he added.

Professor Chaturvedi said that 70, 000 cancer patients have been treated in Varanasi Hospital so far and 25,000 patients are getting registered every year, yet there has been no drop in cancer patients getting admitted to cancer hospitals in Mumbai as was anticipated. “The maximum number of patients of breast cancer and cervical cancer are found in women in urban areas. Cervical cancer patients are found more in rural areas than breast cancer patients. A unique gall bladder cancer occurs only in people residing near and on the banks of the Ganges in UP. Apart from India, this gallbladder cancer is more commonly found in Chile,” he said.

The professor added, “We are also doing research on this, but the cause of this cancer is yet to be known. Mouth cancer is the most common in men, followed by lung cancer. According to the geographical area, stomach and colorectal cancer gradually occur. Cancer depends on lifestyle”. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Secretary Durgashankar Mishra described Professor Chaturvedi as a leading expert on cancer in the country and congratulated him for explaining to the audience the ways to combat the disease in simple terms. “More than 200 important research and articles have been published in the world on cancer. Cancer has become a big problem in every family,” he said. (ANI)