September 28, 2023

Father’s Desperate Act: Carrying Injured Son on Scooter Due to Wheelchair Shortage at Kota Hospital

In a distressing incident that has stirred public outcry, a father in Kota, Rajasthan, was compelled to transport his injured son from the ground floor to the third floor of a hospital on a scooter. The incident sheds light on the severe shortage of wheelchairs at the facility, leaving patients and their families to resort to unconventional means to navigate the premises.

The father had taken his son to the hospital for the application of a plaster cast on his fractured leg. To his dismay, the hospital authorities informed him that they were facing a shortage of wheelchairs and stretchers, leaving him in a predicament. Determined to ensure his son received the necessary treatment, the father sought permission from the hospital management and arranged for a scooter to be brought to the third floor.

Heartrending footage captured the father riding the scooter inside the hospital’s elevator, with his son seated behind him, his injured leg in a cast. The scene sparked outrage among onlookers, drawing attention to the dire circumstances faced by patients and their families due to the lack of basic facilities.

The local police, upon reaching the hospital, expressed support for the father’s actions. An officer acknowledged the father’s struggle and stated that in the absence of adequate facilities, individuals are forced to find alternative ways to ensure their loved ones receive proper care. The officer emphasized the need for hospitals to provide essential resources, as relying solely on divine intervention is not a viable solution.

In response to the incident, the hospital administration cited a shortage of wheelchairs and promised to address the issue promptly. They acknowledged that the proposal to acquire wheelchairs had been canceled by higher authorities, leading to the scarcity of these crucial devices.

However, both the hospital administration and doctors clarified that they did not grant permission for the scooter to enter the hospital premises. While they expressed sympathy for the father’s plight, they emphasized the importance of adhering to protocols and maintaining a safe environment within the hospital.

This incident has sparked a broader conversation about the state of healthcare infrastructure and the critical need for adequate resources. It serves as a poignant reminder that individuals should not have to endure such hardships or risk their safety due to the unavailability of basic amenities like wheelchairs.

Efforts must be made by authorities at all levels to address the systemic issues contributing to these deficiencies. Hospitals need to receive the necessary support and resources to ensure the well-being of patients and their families. Timely provision of wheelchairs, stretchers, and other essential equipment should be a priority to maintain the dignity and safety of those seeking medical assistance.

It is our collective responsibility to advocate for improved healthcare facilities, urge authorities to address the root causes of these deficiencies, and ensure that no individual has to bear the burden of navigating a healthcare system that falls short of providing the necessary care and support in times of need.