September 21, 2023

Kerala Man faces trouble After Wife Receives Road Safety Camera Pictures of Him with Woman Friend

The Perils of Road Safety Cameras: A Cautionary Tale from Kerala

The use of road safety cameras is often touted as an effective way to curb traffic violations and improve road safety. However, a recent incident in Kerala highlights the unintended consequences that can arise from the use of such cameras.’


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On April 25, a man from Idukki, Kerala, was photographed by a road safety camera riding a scooter without a helmet along with a woman friend. The fine for the traffic violation was sent to the owner of the scooter, who happened to be the man’s wife. When she questioned him about the identity of the woman in the photograph, he claimed that he had given her a lift and had no relationship with her. This led to an argument between the couple, and ultimately resulted in the man’s arrest on charges of assault and neglect of their child.

This incident highlights how the use of road safety cameras can inadvertently lead to personal conflicts and even legal trouble for individuals. It also raises questions about privacy and surveillance, as the use of such cameras can capture images of people without their knowledge or consent.

The controversy over road safety cameras in Kerala has also taken a political turn, with the opposition Congress accusing the state government of corruption in the contracts related to their installation. While the intentions behind the use of road safety cameras may be noble, it is important to ensure that their use is balanced with respect for individual privacy and protection from unintended consequences.

In conclusion, the incident in Kerala serves as a cautionary tale about the potential pitfalls of using road safety cameras. While they may be a useful tool in promoting road safety, it is important to consider their unintended consequences and ensure that their use is balanced with respect for privacy and protection of individual rights.