Shocking! Jaipur Private hospital seized corona positive patient’s scooty for bill overdue

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Jaipur: One case of non-payment of money from a patient has come to light where the hospital seized his vehicle. The case is reported from Bhanu Hospital at Mahavir Colony near Sitapura, Jaipur where the scooter of a young man was confiscated by the hospital operator and asked to be released after giving Rs 50,000. Not only this, when the patient’s family demanded a bill of medicines from the hospital operator, in that bill neither the number of medicines nor the batch number or the expiry date was written.

The victim, Hemant Rawat said that his father Mohan Singh (53) was admitted to Bhanu Hospital on May 7. After being admitted for 6 days, the hospital operator talked about taking the patient to another hospital and asked him to deposit the remaining Rs 65,000. The bill was not provided and when payment was not made, the hospital operator seized his scooty.

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