October 2, 2023

Seven-Year Imprisonment for Stabbing Over 30 Rupees

Special Court dealing in SCST cases delivers a massive blow to the culprits involved in the SCST case, sentencing them to seven years in jail for a shocking 30-rupee stabbing incident.

In a groundbreaking verdict, the esteemed Special Court, renowned for handling SCST cases, has recently handed down a substantial punishment to Fakruddin and his sons, Imran and Gulfaam. The trio has been found guilty of a fierce altercation that ensued over a meager amount of 30 rupees. The court’s decision showcases their unwavering commitment to upholding justice and safeguarding the rights of every citizen.

As a stern reminder of the consequences of their actions, imprisonment terms of seven years have been imposed upon each of the culprits. Recognizing the gravity of their crime, the court has also levied a substantial fine of 48,000 rupees against the offenders. This landmark ruling serves as a somber reminder that no matter the amount, violence in any form will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

According to sources, the victim’s lawyer, Akash Kumar, elucidated before the court the sequence of events that unfolded on a fateful night, back in November 2012. Girdhar and Mukesh, unsuspecting customers, had stopped at a shop located in the bustling Mehnat Nagar region of Jaipur, hoping to purchase Kurkure snacks. However, what started as an innocuous transaction took an unexpectedly sinister turn when Mukesh asked for Kurkure, Munna(shopkeeper) asked for the old due of 30 rupees which they have left sometime before. A heated argument ensued, rapidly escalating into a violent clash. In the midst of the turmoil, the perpetrators wielded a knife and launched a barrage of stones, resulting in an appalling display of aggression.

This landmark verdict highlights the unwavering commitment of our judicial system to ensure the safety and security of every member of society. It serves as a powerful precedent against the perpetrators of violence, regardless of the triviality of the matter at hand. Such decisive actions by the court paved the way for a more just and harmonious society, where every individual’s dignity and right to life are fiercely protected.

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