November 29, 2023

DJ Shady – The Jaipur Based Artist & Music Producer

Music & Beats are something which always makes us alive and being in a life where from a working Monday to a Friday eve we all waits for a weekend to begin and groove on the beats that can make us live again. But it’s really hard to find an experienced Disc Jockey who can really make us feel the music, live it and really groove on it. Here introducing Saurabh Raghuvanshi, a.k.a. DJ Shady, who is an artist from Jaipur who plays a versatile genre. He understands how having the best deck from other players is important but also that it’s not about having a few tunes that will get you in the notice. It’s about understanding the moods of the people present and directing them to a better place.

Saurabh was always into pop and rap genres from a young age, but his exposure to house music got him hooked and made him experiment with tunes and songs. Initially, he started in the clubs of Jaipur, which motivated him to rise. DJ Shady is versatile with his tracks and likes to tap in the zone by what energizes his crowd. He started getting gigs for college campus shows and music festivals like Vh1 Super Sonic, Vh1 Hide Tide, Extreme music festival, Electric Project (episodes), so forth. He’s worked with many artists, including DJs from Mars, Terimiko, Daniela, Travali, Jean Marie, and Progressive brothers. He has also officially performed for Nike and Jack ‘n’ Jones.

The versatility of music got Saurabh wanting to learn more about music production. As a producer, he started with mixes and got verified on Hearthis. After this boost, he started producing original music and ended up with his two original tracks Maayajal and Lost in Krishna. Both the tracks are of the house music genre.

DJ Shady has won many DJ battles and has even been on the judge panels for the various war of DJs. Next, he got selected as “India’s top 10 DJs by SosniteLife”.

DJ Shady feels music is something unique that makes him keep learning and experimenting in the field, his dedication toward the industry brings out him as a stand-out personality.

Since the beginning, he always strived to deliver the best tunes possible and his performance always counted rememberable at each place he performed. Dj Shady has the vision to bring out the unique creativity to the music which everyone feels and enjoys from their soul and keeps humming.