Villages, farmers at heart of Budget; steps to strengthen mandis: PM

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Centred on ‘jaan’ and ‘jahaan’, says Prime minister.

Even as the farmer protests around Delhi continue to rage, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the Budget presented on Monday has India’s “villages and farmers” at its heart. He said it would “awaken India’s self-confidence”, and was proactive instead of being reactive amid the extraordinary times of the Covid crisis.

Speaking after the Budget was presented in Parliament, the Prime Minister said that there was much stress on strengthening the agriculture sector and to increase income of farmers. “Many provisions have been made. In the agriculture sector, farmers will be able to get more loans more easily. To strengthen the country’s mandis, the APMC, there is a provision for help from the agriculture infrastructure fund. All these decisions show that at the heart of this Budget are villages, and our farmers,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the Budget had been presented in “extraordinary times”. “The effect of corona in the world, shook all of mankind. In these circumstances, today’s Budget is one to awaken India’s self-confidence, and also to fill the world with self-confidence. Today’s Budget has the vision of self reliance, and includes every citizen and every section. In this Budget, the principle we have walked with, is expanding new opportunities for growth, to create new opportunities for youths, to give new avenues to human resources, to develop new areas for infrastructure development, to move towards modernity and bring new reforms,” Modi said.

Modi said that the Budget has seen a “positive reaction” within the first few hours of being presented, and that it had been praised for its “transparency”. “Due to corona, many experts had thought that the government would increase the burden on common citizens. But, keeping in mind our responsibility towards fiscal sustainability, the government has put its strength behind increasing the Budget size. Our government has always attempted that the Budget should be transparent. I am happy that today many scholars have praised its transparency.”

The Prime Minister said the Budget was centred on both “jaan” and “jahaan”. “The way this Budget is centred around healthcare, that too is unprecedented. It talks of all round development. I am especially pleased that our southern states, our Northeastern states, and areas to the north like Leh and Ladakh have received special focus. This Budget is a big step towards making our coastal states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Bengal business powerhouses. The Northeastern states like Assam, this Budget will help in tapping their unexplored potential,” he said.

Modi said the Budget sets a foundation for the next decade. “To make the lives of common citizens and women easier, there is a special stress on their health, sanitation, nutrition, clean water and equality in opportunities. Along with an unprecedented increase in infrastructure expenditure, many systemic reforms have been made. For which there will be benefits for growth and job creation and employment. To give a boost to the MSME sector, to increase employment opportunities, the Budget for the MSME sector has doubled from last time. This Budget has progressed on the path of self-reliance where the progress of every resident
is included.”

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