Rajinikanth says ‘leaked’ letter about canceling his political entry plan was fake

The purported letter from the actor to his senior leaders of fans association said Rajinikanth may not be entering politics citing Covid-19 situation and his health condition, which categorises him in high-risk category.

After a ‘leaked’ letter suggesting chances to cancel Tamil actor Rajinikanth’s political entry plan was widely reported in the media, the actor on Thursday issued a statement saying the letter was fake. He, however, said that some of the contents in the letter about his health condition and advice from his doctor were factually correct.

“A letter appearing to be my statement is being shared virally on social media and in the press. Everyone knows that it is not my statement,” the actor tweeted.

“However, some references made in the letter about my health and my doctor’s advice to me were true. I will make an announcement regarding my political stand to the people regarding this at the right time after due consultation with members of Rajini Makkal Mandram,” he added.

The purported letter from the actor to the senior leaders of his fans association said Rajinikanth may not be entering politics citing Covid-19 situation and his health condition, which categorises him in ‘high-risk’ category. The letter further stated that the actor was not afraid of his life but “more worried about people’s wellbeing”.

The letter also revealed the prime concern about his vulnerable health condition if he takes the plunge and launches campaigns ahead of the May 2021 elections. “If I am going to make the announcement (of his new party), I have to do it in December itself. I leave it to my fans and the people to take a call about what I should do considering the prevailing situation. People’s judgement is God’s judgement, Jai Hind,” said the letter.

However, multiple sources in his fans association said the letter, which was circulated among them as a statement, was real. They said it was leaked by one of them and the top leadership in the fans association are almost sure that he is unlikely to launch the party.

Sources close to him said his health condition will not allow him to run campaigns or meet people during a pandemic situation, primarily for the reason that he underwent a kidney transplant in 2016.

When asked whether they were excited about his political entry expected in December 2020, a senior fans association leader from Chennai said the word “curious” may be appropriate than “thrilled” for his fans across the state. “We used to get thrilled earlier, each time, when there were rumours about his political entry. That has gone… We are curious to know about his decision now. If Covid-19 is the reason for cancelling his plans this time, we understand that,” he said.

Another fans association leader said the actor also considered a plan to launch the party online and do campaigns too in a similar way. “But then there were many opinions discouraging the idea as it wouldn’t make an impact. He cannot run a party and contest in general elections using social media sites. Idea of organising huge public rallies and addressing them virtually also was ruled out,” the leader said.


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